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Roadside Motors

Roadside Motors, which also incorporates Edwin May, is one of the leading Northern Ireland new and used car dealers.


This site is implemented using Drupal running on a virtual private server (VPS). In addition to the usual Drupal core modules the implementation utilises more than 80 third party modules in addition to some 15 or so custom modules that were coded by us here at Mugginsoft. The site uses a number of custom content types and makes extensive use of views.

If the site budget allows we always recommend that Drupal sites are deployed on a VPS as it provides for a much more responsive user experience when compared to shared hosting solutions. An additional advantage of VPS hosting is that it provides for entire machine backups that are vital for disaster recovery and for site cloning.

Design Requirements

Roadside Motors required a site that provided quick and easy access to their extensive stock of used vehicles. Much of the site used vehicle stock data is obtained from third party sources while some is generated and maintained by Roadside Motors staff. In addition the site must provide external data feeds to a number of vehicle advertisers. The site is thus highly dynamic with most of the stock being automatically regenerated on a daily basis.

The site has evolved over time with additional features (such as PDF generation and complex form processing) being added as and when required. Drupal's modular architecture means that functionality can be added on demand and the platform's huge popularity means that third party modules can be found to serve as a starting point for most client requirements.

Drupal is a wide ranging and capable system. It is undeniably complex but that complexity lies at the heart of its power and flexibility.