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Rathlin Island Books

Rathlin Island Books is a small independent publisher based on Rathlin Island.


This site is implemented using Drupal running on a shared host configured and managed by Mugginsoft. This small site could have been equally well implemented using WordPress but the site's commercial nature meant that Drupal was felt to provide a greater potential for future e-commerce expansion.

This implementation make use of the Panels module that enables site administrators to create customised page layouts without resorting to CSS. The individual book content pages all use Panels to implement an easily updatable alternating column page style.

Design Requirements

The clients were able to bring several ideas to the initial design meeting. The colours green, grey, white and blue were to represent the land, basalt rocks, limestone cliffs and seas around Rathlin Island. A number of ink sketches were also supplied by the client with the intention of giving the site a hand crafted feel. We combined these elements to produce a clean text orientated design that includes a basic e-commerce store.

As a principle we decided to try and incorporate a piece of representative artwork from each book or product into the sea-blue site footer. Thus we have HMS Drake still steaming resolutely aloft while Clark's evocative compass recalls journeys past.