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Rathlin Community

The Rathlin community website is dedicated to bringing information about Rathlin Island to both the local community and to the many thousands of people who visit the island each year. The website is operated by the Rathlin Development and Community Association (RDCA).


This community orientated site is implemented using Drupal running on a virtual private server (VPS) supplied, configured and managed by Mugginsoft. Drupal excels as a community gateway. A sophisticated user management and role based permissions system allows individual editors to be given access to their own content. This enables the site to be updated by a range of users each with their own interests and abilities.

All sites have to be hosted somewhere. In some cases it makes most sense for the client to obtain their own dedicated server or VPS. Other clients prefer that their site is hosted on a Mugginsoft supplied server. In either case, we are happy to assist with all aspects of hosting, whether it be initial configuration, ongoing management or troubleshooting.

Design Requirements

The design brief from the RDCA was to update and overhaul an existing Drupal site that had utilised a stock theme. The site had been regularly updated with news, events and media items over a period of three years. The overall content was good but there were numerous presentation issues and access to dynamic content such as the news and events items was poor. The site had to appeal both to the local community, who are most interested in island events, and to visitors, who are more generally concerned with travel, accommodation and sight seeing.

The RDCA staff had a very clear concept of what they wanted their site to be. They had identified a number of community style sites that featured open, uncluttered and welcoming designs. A rotating image banner was requested to maintain continuity with the old site and a selection of six key themes were supplied by the RDCA to serve as gateway panels on the home page. The vertical navigation menu will allow numerous links to be added to the home page as required.