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Raghery Research

Raghery Research offer a wide range of professional editorial and research services.


This site is implemented using Drupal running on a shared host configured and managed by Mugginsoft. In general shared hosting offers lower performance than a dedicated server or virtual private server. However, shared hosting is cheap to provide and normally includes a user accessible control panel that facilitates email configuration. For low traffic sites shared hosting can be a good choice but the fact that the site is sharing resources with other accounts means that the site's responsiveness can be unpredictable.

A single Drupal installation can in fact support a number of separate websites. Generally this is not advised as it introduces dependencies between the sites. However, if the sites are functionally or organisationally related then a multi-site Drupal installation is an option that reduces hosting overhead.

Design Requirements

The client's requirements were for a simple extensible site that they could grow along with their business. As a startup they had no existing artwork or livery. What they did have though was a list of their areas of expertise and the services they intended to offer. We were able to pull these basic ideas into three categories - Words, Information and People - and used these as the basis for a simple emphatic design.

Colour is a very subjective matter. What appeals to one person can repel another. In general we try and agree on a colour palette early on in the design process. The online Color Scheme Designer is a great tool for creating and experimenting with colour combinations based on well established perceptual principles. After several drafts the client finally used an iPhone app to arrive at the preferred jade green and crimson livery.