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contact is our own mac OS X orientated software site.


This site is implemented using Drupal running on our own virtual private server (VPS). This site utilises a very wide array of Drupal modules. A custom font is used throughout and an enhanced Book module is used to present an online application help document. The site's e-commerce section supports the automatic generation of secure software licence codes and online payments are received and processed through the PayPal instant payment notification system.

The site also provides access to a number of open source initiatives. The OS X Automation Documentation Archive is a user contributed archive of OS automation documentation. A Views driven front end provides access to a large repository of automatically generated application HTML documentation. The Scripting Wiki is devoted to providing a dedicated OS X scripting wiki and is implemented entirely in Drupal thanks mainly to the Wikitools and Freelinking modules.

Design Requirements

We required a site that could expand to meet the needs of our online OS X software development business. After reviewing many of the available content management systems we settled on Drupal. Although complex Drupal is well architectured and highly flexible. When starting out on a new venture it is always difficult to anticipate what future demands and requirements will be. Our experience with Drupal is that it has always risen to the challenge of meeting our diverse needs.

Drupal is an excellent solution in many cases though it is not a web panacea. Some small websites are better served with WordPress while very large, high traffic sites might find that Drupal's resource usage becomes a concern. Very focussed sites might also find that a custom solution written in a lower level web application framework offers better performance. Regardless of the problem we at Mugginsoft are dedicated to finding the best possible outcome for our clients.