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Anothermetre was commissioned by environmental artist Ann Henderson as part of an ongoing project funded by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.


This art orientated site is implemented using Drupal running on a virtual private server (VPS) supplied, configured and managed by Mugginsoft. The commissioning artist had a very precise vision for the site's aesthetics and user interface. The site presents a year in the life of the project and each multi-part entry represents an individual day. Days for which there are no actual entries are required to expire in chronological or inverse chronological order depending on the direction of navigation through the site.

Although exceptionally minimalist in design the site's mechanics are highly customised. A multi-part content type represents each entry while a custom version of JQuery Tools drives the reversible inter-entry time lapse and crossfade effect.

Design Requirements

The client required a fixed height site that presented a horizontally and vertically centred viewport that provided animated transitions between entries and pages. The site navigation is notable in that it restricts the immediacy of navigation between adjacent entries; a viewer is required to watch time elapse and, perhaps, reflect upon their temporal nature.

The restrained colour pallet allows the content imagery to float on the page and the centred viewport is reminiscent of a conventional picture frame suspended on a wall. The client was intimately involved in all stages of the design and together we were able to bring her unique concept to life. Accessibility was an issue and this dynamic site eschews Flash in favour of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.